To be the best, we start with the best.

We only put ingredients into our protein bars and cookies that we’d want to put into our bodies. So, we found the best and tastiest ingredients to make our products so delicious that you’ll want to come back and snack on every one of them.


omega-3s for a strong brain

Every Oatmega bar has 250mg of DHA and EPA omega-3s and Oatmega Kids protein bars have 125mg of DHA and EPA omega-3s, which are essential fats that are vital for a strong mind. Plus, all our omega-3s come from fish that are pole-caught from sustainable marine sources. So not only are we helping you enjoy a healthy life, we’re helping the planet live one as well.

grass-fed whey for a strong body

Our whey protein comes from grass-fed cows grazing happily in New Zealand, which means you can also graze happily knowing you’re eating only the best.

NON-GMO for a strong life

Mother Nature doesn’t need improving. That’s why we only use ingredients that have her stamp of approval. Nothing genetically modified. Just clean, primo ingredients that are grown the way nature intended because there’s no “g” “m” or “o” in “nature.”

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